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What do they think?




Worship from the heart is more desirable to God than religiousity and excessive rule keeping. God desires our heart rather than empty practices that mostly serve simply to keep up the appearance of holiness in front of other people.



Personally, I have watched several of my friends come away from appearance-centered cultures and into the freedom that Jesus brings those who love Him with a sincere heart. It’s such a beautiful change to watch!
If we had to impress God and other people with our own holiness, we would all be in trouble! The only one we need to be good enough for is God our Father, and we only do that through the righteousness of Jesus.
Less worry about what other people think and more focus on pleasing and honoring God out of our love for Him brings joy to our lives. We all forget this from time to time – I know I sometimes do!



Let’s remind one another and remind ourselves through frequent reading of the Word that our primary focus is to love God through our obedience and through recognizing the sacrifice of Jesus on our behalf. Let us seek to deepen our relationship with Jesus and not spend the majority of our time anxious about how religious we appear to other people. Their opinion doesn’t matter in the long run.


Writing Prompt #7

“You are the wind’s interpreter. What is it saying?”

To me, wind evokes either calm (cool – or even warm – gentle breezes) or signal that change is coming (pick up speed, begin to swirl leaves and other debris around – this is often accompanied by darkening skies).

Today, the wind blew softly on a warm, sunny day in the park, creating a feeling of calm and serenity. It rustled the tiny buds beginning to peek out from behind new leaf growth on the trees, carrying with each gentle flutter of a petal the promise of an early spring. The breeze helped to reassure me that better days are always ahead and served as a reminder to just relax sometimes and take the time to observe the details of the beautiful creation around me and allow mussel to forget stresses and worries, to focus on the wonderful day.