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Seeds & Lamps

Please read Luke 8:4-21.

Those of use who have listened to God’s Word and are obedient to its commands have open hearts to the Lord. Jesus said that it’s like a gardening example – we are like good soil that, when the seed of the Word of God is cast into it, produces a good crop, with good fruit.

We who have received and accepted the message of the Gospel must share it with others, that they might also have the opportunity to allow the Word of God to change their lives as well. Jesus gave us anther way to picture this – we are like lamps that radiate light into even the darkest corner. It reveals the truth about even the most hidden areas of life.

Lamps themselves cannot change another object into a lamp, but their light can reveal what is already there. Only the Light of the World and an open heart (aka “good soil”) can covert a dark object into a lamp. Only God can transform a person from being wicked to being righteous.


Writing Post #59

“What do you love going that you wish you could get paid for?”

I really love gardening. It’s fun to create a beautiful, peaceful place outdoors where God’s creation can be enjoyed close to home. It would be amazing to get paid to help design garden spaces, but it’s just a hobby for me right now. While I’m gardening, I’m also able to get out in the fresh air and sunshine.

Writing Prompt #58

“What is the last thing (or one of the last things) you searched for on the Internet? Why?”

One of the last things I searched for was an outdoor fountain. I was researching styles, sizing, and prices as I hope to soon add a water feature to my garden. I am looking forward to this addition to my landscaping.

Writing Prompt #43

“What have you been able to accomplish this year that you are really proud of?”

So far this year, I’ve been able to grow in loving my husband, and have continued to do well in my teaching job (I have officially been asked to continue next school year), and have also built more quality relationships with local friends from church. I have begun my spring garden, and have gotten back into outdoor exercise now that the weather has warmed up. I am proud that I am doing the best I can in every area of my life, through God’s strength, and that I’m constantly making the effort to be even better.

The Biltmore Estate – A Brief History


The sophisticated construction and Châteauesque (French Renaissance chateau) style of America’s largest private residence leaves a lasting impression upon each visitor and an impressive legacy of independent wealth and fine taste. The architect, Richard Morris Hunt, was hired by George Vanderbilt to begin this massive design and construction undertaking, which took from 1889 until the end of 1895 to complete.

IMG_6815The 250 rooms in this lavish estate include 35 bedrooms, 43 bathrooms, a very impressive 65 fireplaces, an indoor pool and bowling alley, and a library that boasts of 10,000 volumes. The hall leading into the library holds beautifully preserved 16th century tapestries on its walls, and other portions of the house feature original works by famous artists including Pierre-Auguste Renoir and John Singer Sargent. Most of the items in the Biltmore are pieces from George and Edith Vanderbilt’s original collection. Visitors to the home are led on an extensive tour that includes three floors and the basement, while additional add-on options can be purchased, including audio guides, rooftop tours and more.

Much of the substantial 8,000 acres not only holds natural beauty,IMG_6861 but also features landscaping designed by the famous Frederick Law Olmsted, who also designed many well-known parks in the US, including Central Park in New York City as well as the area around the United States Capitol building. IMG_6840Olmsted also did work at Niagara Falls and countless other parks, and his quality work was well-recognized in his lifetime, making him the clear choice for George Vanderbilt to create a stunning outdoor space around his elegant home. Skillfully crafted sculptures stand out beautifully against the mountain ridge. Part of the estate grounds runs right next to the French Broad River, while others lead through the Deer Park meadows. Walking and equestrian trails wind through America’s first managed forest, making the numerous acres surrounding the Biltmore HouseIMG_6907 a conservationist’s paradise. The lovely Rose Garden is still kept up faithfully by gardeners and boasts of over 250 varieties. A set of greenhouses holds tropical plants and cacti in warm conditions all year long. Six acres of solar panels help the house and grounds operate in a way that is environmentally responsible. Visitors are free to walk about the grounds, and can also choose to purchase guided equestrian tours.