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Taking Its Toll

I’ve been observing a lot of life events taking their toll on my friends and family members, and even myself lately. 
Sudden deaths, difficult goodbyes to those departing (not yet for eternity, but for places that seem an eternal distance away), scary medical diagnoses, job transitions, and more can really bring a person down.
Well wishes and hugs honestly only do so much for a person who has one, several, or maybe all of these hit them at once.
Many of those who follow Jesus begin to wonder where He is. Those who don’t follow Jesus may think that the luck of the universe is against them. Both may wonder if this life is even worth it in the end. 
Life has a lot of aspects that really do suck the hope out of any human being, no matter their beliefs. 
Some preachers say that if your life is hard and you aren’t financially blessed, you’re doing something wrong. They may blame your lack of faith in prayer, your lack of frequency in prayer, or a host of other possibilities.
Here’s the thing, though. God never promised an easy life for us on this earth, but He did promise to be with us every step of the way, through every kind of trial we face. God is faithful to His faithful, and He is faithful to the faithless. 
He won’t give us more than we can handle through His strength. As the saying goes,

“He Who brought you to it

Will see you through it.”

Find rest, weary soul. The burden is heavy, but Jesus carries our burdens with us, and His heart breaks with ours.


Writing Prompt #97

“You have a child and you have one piece for advice that will be carried in his/her pocket for life. What is that advice?”

Don’t make any choices today that you’ll regret later, but don’t say no to any opportunities that you’ll regret not take either. Use common sense and follow safety rules, and have fun!

Writing Prompt #96

“Where would you like to go on a day trip? You must drive there and back in one day, but you have unlimited funds for gas, food, and activities.”

I really want to go to Atlanta to tour the Coca-Cola plant and the aquarium. It would be incredible not to have to worry about money and be able to purchase some more neat Coke memorabilia for my kitchen. I love the vintage soda fountain/vintage diner vibe.

I’d also like to see some of the filming projects happening in that city and see if I can become involved in one of the projects there.

Writing Prompt #94

“Think of a celebrity you would like to have dinner with. Write a note that just might catch that person’s attention enough for him/her to agree to the dinner.” 

Dear Jimmy Fallon,

It would truly be an honor for my husband and me to have dinner with you and your wife. I enjoy your show so much, and my favorite moments are the unscripted moments you have while on stage. I think we would enjoy a lot of impromptu jokes together, and I believe we’d be “kindred spirits” – we’d really “get” one another’s sense of humor. It would be amazing if we all just hung out, without the camera attention, and just enjoyed a nice evening out as new friends.” 

– CarolinaVintageWoman

Writing Prompt #92

“Imagine you are a news anchor. Write the beginning of tonight’s newscast. Make the top story what you truly think could happen today, or what you wish would happen today.” {This was a fun assignment, since I have a degree and training in media.}

After a hot week of temperatures climbing to almost 90 degrees, some drizzling rain has moved in this weekend, causing temperatures to fall back down in the lower 70s. Here in _____ County, city workers have been diligently working to freshen up (a local park) with new mulch, flowers, and more as they prepare for the many city-wide summer events coming up.

For our top story, we turn to the I-## overpass at ______ Road, where construction continues to delay already heavy traffic in the area. Civil engineers on the project assure us that in the long run, we will see a dinificant improvement in traffic flow, but locals express frustration with the projected plans, which include various stages of construction over the course of several years. They feel that this length of time could cause serious traffic accidents before the project’s completion, especially since this area is near several schools and is a big retail district as well as part of the work commute for much of the county. We will continue to bring you updates on this local project as well as the new traffic patterns as they are sent into the newsroom.