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Good Tree, Good Fruit

My thoughts this Sunday regarding the passage featured at church.


Writing Prompt #3

“What is your favorite work of art? What do you love about it?”

I enjoy many different styles of art for the unique traits they each embody. It is very difficult to choose one favorite work. I will simply describe “one of my favorites,” and the significance it has to me currently. 

I think that works by Normal Rockwell really depict the small town American life of days gone by, where kids could run down to the drugstore for a sofa or a milkshake by themselves without fear. I actually had the privilege some years back of visiting Rockwell’s studio and museum gallery in Massachusetts. It was incredible to see covers from The Saturday Evening Post that line the way around the museum. I think this style of artwork makes me long to bring my future children up in that type of safe, carefree environment where people both work hard and play hard, a place where there’s a lot less entitlement mentality than people tend towards today. I love how comical situations in Americana small town life are depicted in so many of his paintings. His work is something that allows the observer to feel connected to the scene and to readily identify with the situation those in the piece are experiencing. The “realness” of the people in the paintings helps me think about how wonderful and amazing every day life can be if you take the time to appreciate the little moments. Humanity could really benefit from some more Norman Rockwell style work, if they would step back and look at the good small town values depicted. I definitely love to see more of his work and share it with others – I don’t want to lose sight of the wonder of each day.