Writing Prompt #92

“Imagine you are a news anchor. Write the beginning of tonight’s newscast. Make the top story what you truly think could happen today, or what you wish would happen today.” {This was a fun assignment, since I have a degree and training in media.}

After a hot week of temperatures climbing to almost 90 degrees, some drizzling rain has moved in this weekend, causing temperatures to fall back down in the lower 70s. Here in _____ County, city workers have been diligently working to freshen up (a local park) with new mulch, flowers, and more as they prepare for the many city-wide summer events coming up.

For our top story, we turn to the I-## overpass at ______ Road, where construction continues to delay already heavy traffic in the area. Civil engineers on the project assure us that in the long run, we will see a dinificant improvement in traffic flow, but locals express frustration with the projected plans, which include various stages of construction over the course of several years. They feel that this length of time could cause serious traffic accidents before the project’s completion, especially since this area is near several schools and is a big retail district as well as part of the work commute for much of the county. We will continue to bring you updates on this local project as well as the new traffic patterns as they are sent into the newsroom.


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