Writing Prompt #78

“Do you have anyone in your life that has acted as a mentor to you? Have you ever helped someone else out in this way?”

I have been blessed to have quite a few godly mentors in my life, growing up and as an adult. Several are actual family members, several are friends who are like family members, and others are fellow church members who wanted to invest some of their time in me. I am grateful that I have people around me who want to share their experiences with me, and even share some of their mistakes with me so I can hopefully learn from their mistakes rather than making the same mistakes myself and learning the hard way. 

I have come alongside a few younger people and tried to help mentor them, hoping to help them as others have helped me. Sometimes a mentor can offer advice in a way others cannot, simply by being a caring friend, setting an example, and being willing to walk through life with the person they’re mentoring. I see the value in giving of my time to others, especially young people, in order to hopefully help them become successful adults. As a teacher, I am able to interact with my preschool students daily, modelling for them the right behaviors and helping them to learn all about the world around them. It’s a privilege to be able to help them as they grow. 


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