Writing Prompt #66

“Write briefly about one thing in your life that is simple and one thing that is complex.”

Simple – My morning routine before work is pretty simple because I like to have a stress-free time before heading out the door. I take care of showering, brushing my teeth, etc., then get dressed and do my makeup while my hair dries. I usually have all the items I need with me at work already packed in a bag and ready to go. I forgot to mention one of the key components of my morning though – getting the coffee started brewing before I get in the shower so it’s ready when I get out. ☕️

Complex – Some of my weekly scheduling is currently a bit complex since my husband has a job with a 2-week rotating schedule and is also in the Army (reservist) who attends monthly weekend drills as well as additional summer training. I have a regular full-time job as a preschool teacher and also am a freelance business writer and online/local salesperson. I also attend church weekly with my husband (except Sundays he is scheduled to work), and we both attend Bible studying that meet weekday evenings. I also have to maintain orderliness and cleanliness both inside and outside our apartment. It can be difficult to schedule things with others around all of this, and even harder to get some alone time! 🗓


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