Glory in the Gory

As followers of Christ, it is imperative that our pride and our focus be in the blood of Jesus, that pays for our sin.

As humans, it is so tempting to focus on our own earthly accomplishments, or eve to glory in the religious practices we do, the number of prayers we pray in a day, or in our theological knowledge. While many of these are good and honoring to God, pride in the doing of them, or thinking we have everything figured out (i.e. spiritual arrogance) is sin. 

Our good works here on earth may honor the Lord, when done in the right spirit, but they do nothing to save us or justify us before Almighty God.

We should, instead of directing our attention and the attentions of others on ourselves, “glory in the gory” – focus on the death of Christ on the cross. His gruesome death, with the weight of our sin on His shoulders, and His glorious resurrection, are the only reason we are viewed by God as righteous and worthy to be present with Him, worshipping for all of eternity.


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