Writing Prompt #33

“Write about a time everything changed in the blink of an eye.”

In May of 2013, I graduated from university, packed up my belongings in my college dorm, packed up my belongings at my parents’ home in Florida where I spent my entire childhood, and moved here to the Carolinas, not far from where I attended university. This was a huge step for me, since I had never lived anywhere but that same house in Florida, all growing up. 

I had been messaging on Facebook, within a few months of preparing for graduation, with a male acquaintance of mine, who I asked to please help another guy friend of mine move the cherry wood desk my grandfather had made me all the way up the concrete steps into my apartment. We began hanging out as of that day, and he went from a handsome guy I barely knew and doubted would ever notice me to my husband, in the short span of one year’s time! From 2013 to 2014, my life surely changed in the blink of an eye!

(Photo credit: Phil Hyman Photography)


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