Writing Prompt #25

“What modern technological device takes up most of your time?”

I definitely spend more time on my smartphone than with any other technology. I can use the alarm to wake me up in the morning, take photos with it, use apps to manage my personal finances, upload articles to my blog, sell and purchase items online, know what the forecast for the weather is currently, and so much more!


4 thoughts on “Writing Prompt #25

    1. carolinavintagewoman Post author

      I bought a little book of them from Barnes & Noble, and hand-write my responses so they’re around for posterity one day, lol. Then I type them up to post here. 😊 It’s been interesting, since I haven’t looked at the questions ahead and some are things I haven’t really thought of writing about.


  1. 1kayaker

    The age of technology, a smartphone is fantastic everything at our fingertips. I wonder what we do when we lose satellite or our smartphone. Do we remember how to forecast the weather through signs of nature, photos by art, use a paper ledger for our business and personal finances. What happens to that old fashion alarm clock. I remember selling things through our local newspaper or word of mouth. Telephones take up more of my time waiting for someone to answer the phone after being put on hold and when calling a business waiting to get through to a human being in lieu of a robot..

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