Writing Prompt #23

“Have you ever experienced something that just could not be logically explained?”

I actually experienced this last night! I woke up when my fan went off, because it clicked then got very quiet all of a sudden. I assumed the power had gone off, then realized my space heater was still going. I tried turning the knob on the fan. It turns right back on. Something had turned the knob (which isn’t at all loose!) two clicks, into the “off” position while I was asleep! Remember the clock I heard? It was the fan knob, not the power going off!

Both my husband and I have, on various occasions, noticed a dark spiritual presence or “haunted” feeling in and around those apartment buildings, and I know for a fact that previous tenants I saw personally before they move out – one from an apt up the hill and another from the one behind us – were involved in some works of darkness/demonic activities. Spiritual warfare is real, but it can effect things in the physical world in a way that can’t really be explained logically. 

In other news, I think it’s time to pray over the apartments again and kick any demonic spirits out in the name of Jesus.


2 thoughts on “Writing Prompt #23

    1. carolinavintagewoman Post author

      Well, first off, we live in little apartments owned by a private landlord, so it’s not like these things are specific to our apt, and we see them rarely and they don’t hang around long. Secondly, the power of Jesus Christ is way greater than any sort of dark, demonic forces, so while it is of course a little freaky, my husband and I aren’t too scared.

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