Writing Prompt #21

“If you had been able to choose, would you rather have been an only child or part of a very large family?”

This is an interesting question for me to answer, since I grew up as an only child, so I’ve experienced that first-hand. (Only within the past few years did I find out I have a biological half-sister and get to meet her.)

I really wanted to have one or two siblings growing up, but never particularly wished I was part of a large family. I don’t think even today I could handle that well, since I’m an introvert with A.D.D.

Even as an adult, I have to step out for some fresh air alone or with one or two others at the most, if I’m around a large family for several hours. It’s just overstimulating for me. Overall, I think growing up with just my parents in the home was a good fit for me.


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