Writing Prompt #4

“Write a diary entry, dated 10 years in the future.”

Ok – here goes! February 29, 2026 – Wait! This date does not exist. The closest leap years to the year 2026 are the years 2024 and 2028. What an interesting day I chose to write for this prompt! What does someone write on a day that does not exist? I suppose, since I’m going through these prompts in order, I’ll have to -take the leap- (pun very much intended!) and jump right into something that could be written in 2026 on a day that does not exist. Let’s try this again!

February 29, 2026 – Since today does not exist, I will talk about things that probably also won’t exist by the year 2026. It’s the year 2026. We still don’t have flying cars, I’m sorry to report, but the drone cameras keep increasing in capability and creepiness, so it’s now quite difficult to go anywhere without hearing a quiet buzz overhead. It’s certainly not the 1980s anymore, but those of us middle aged folks keep joking that Big Brother really is watching, except it’s actually Big Sister, because we have a woman in the White House now. It feels a little like the former U.S.S.R. here now, so under our breath we call it the Red House. We still don’t have much common sense in our society – in fact there’s less of that than there was a decade ago. We don’t have much about God in public places now – most religious symbols of any kind have been taken down so no one is offended. Now people aren’t as offended as they were a decade ago – the drones help to make sure that any sort of communications that could be construed as offensive are recorded, reported, and stopped. Welcome to the 2020s!


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