Calm, Cool, and Collected

This could be a sermon in and of itself. Thank you for the words, Pastor Joe!

Daily Devotions

There are some people who are”calm, cool, and collected” on the outside.

I want to be like them. Yes, I desire to walk through life like Steven Segal or Jason Stratham. I do not know a thing about the spiritual life of these two men. I do not knowanything about their real externallives. I only know the characters they play on the silver screen, and I like what I see.They are John Wayne like, and though they find themselvesin the midst of crime, chaos, and catastrophe, they always seem to be men of incredible courage, skill, strength, and efficiency. In the roles they play, they walk as men under control, and they are so different from other fictionalcharacters we see on TV and in the movie theaters — individuals such asJackie Chan, Lucille Ball, or Kramer. In contrast, these later actors play individuals whoseworld is spinning, feet are running, tongues…

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