Healthy Holidays, Part 2

Thanksgiving has passed us, but that doesn’t mean that we’re beyond the holidays yet – Christmas is still to come, then New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. We’ve already talked about some tips for keeping those unwanted pounds off at family holiday dinners. Now, let’s discuss some other tips for keeping healthy during the holidays.

With Christmas comes gifts, and gifts in 2015 often include tech gadgets and electronics. These days many people don’t ever leave the couch once they get something run by a battery. Even though electronics aren’t all bad, if we don’t get up off the couch, we can never hope to keep off or lose those extraneous pounds!

This holiday season, let’s get up off the couch for a few minutes, put down our gadgets, and take a walk with the family or friends, go on a hike, head to the gym or indoor pool, or even just stand up and organize some of our new gifts or tidy up the house a bit.

Healthy holidays make for happier holidays! Get out there and live a healthy lifestyle, even during this busy holiday season. We can do this! 🙂




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