Go, Tell It!


As the Christmas season once again approaches, I find myself bringing out the Christmas music. Thanksgiving has passed now, so I can listen to the carols, Christmas hymns, and catchy tunes all I want (and then some – it’s played EVERYWHERE!) for the next month.

As I listened to an instrumental Christmas CD in the background this morning, while getting some work done, it occurred to me that one of the best Christmas songs isn’t played that often or appreciated enough. “Go Tell It On The Mountain” is both a beautiful and important song during the holidays, and any other time! The particular CD I’m listening to has a lovely jazzy version of the song mixed with several other tunes of the season, and I highly recommend finding a copy if you can. It’s an older one – from 1996 – but very well done, produced by Unison Music and manufactured by Thomas Nelson Inc. in Nashville, TN. “Christmas in Manhattan” is the name of this selection of instrumental music.

One of the most important lyrics in this song sums up the basic gospel message in a few short lines:

“Down in a lowly manger 

Our humble Christ was born 

And God sent us salvation…”

This song reminds us too of our responsibility to go out and share the incredible story of what Jesus Christ did for us:

“Go, tell it on the mountain,

Over the hills and everywhere;

Go, tell it in the mountain

That Jesus Christ is born”


This is so important – to KNOW the love of Christ for us and to SHARE and SPREAD the love of Christ with others. Go, tell it!


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