Jesus: A Big Claim and A Lot of Proof, Part 1

A big claim: Jesus told everyone that the Savior foretold in the Holy Scriptures was He! The very people who were most well-read in the Scriptures were the ones who refused to believe that He was the fulfillment of the old prophecies, the long-awaited Redeemer, because He did not fit what the preconceived picture of the Messiah looked like in their minds. Jesus did, however, open the eyes of His disciples to see this truth.

Proof: Countless time in Scripture, Jesus is mentioned as the Promised One and the One Who offers the hope of salvation. Many stories, including those about Moses and the Israelites show how God saved His people out of danger and brought them to the place He promised them. (See the book of Exodus to learn of their deliverance from Egyptian slavery.) These examples foreshadow Christ’s coming to save His people.

The repeated grace God showed towards the grumbling Israelites is also seen many times, both throughout history and in our lives today, as God repeatedly shows mercy and gives grace to His people, even when we are sinful and wilfully complain against Him. (Exodus 32)

Natural consequences often still take effect, however – we see this with Moses losing the privilege to enter the earthly Promised Land, due to his direct defiance against God’s command of how to bring water from the rock. (Numbers 20)

Moses was a good, but imperfect deliverer of God’s people, but Jesus Christ became the perfect Deliverer. While the Israelites needed to have Moses interact with God on their behalf (Exodus 33, Deuteronomy 34), Jesus Christ Himself is our Mediator. He is the perfect Mediator, because He is both the sinless Sacrifice and is also one with God Himself. 

Much like the people of Israel, many people do not listen to those who bring the Gospel message, and grumble against God, while defying His authority. When we do truly seek to commune with the Lord in spirit, we will want to spend more and more time with Him and long to see Him more fully. Like Moses, we merely reflect the glory of God to others – we are not the radiance of it within ourselves. Jesus alone can shine forth that brightly! Since we reflect the glory of God to others, the more time we spend in awe of Him, focused on His glory, the better we will reflect Him to the world.

Moses himself testified that Jesus was God and was the ultimate Sacrifice for sin, during the appearance of Moses and Elijah (who also was there, talking about Jesus’ departure from this earth), during the Transfiguration. (Matthew 17, Luke 9) Moses’ work with the Israelites in establishing Old Testament laws and customs prepared the way for Christ to demonstrate His fulfillment of the earthly requirements for being in a right standing with God.

Lest there be any doubt, God Himself called down from heaven and told everyone that Jesus was His Son. He also commanded that they listen to Him. (Luke 9) If we are serious about following God with a sincere heart, we must listen to Jesus and do what He says.


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