Health & Wellness: Top 5 Ways to Leave An Unhealthy Lifestyle Behind

Whenever I hear conversations involving people trying to lose weight, I often notice that they tend to gravitate towards diets and programs that offer fast, temporary results, while wishing to continue in their lifestyles of unhealthy habits. While each person varies (and if you suffer from a thyroid, hormone-related, or other medical condition that contributes to your weight gain, you should see a trusted physician to determine the best method(s) for you to use), here are some common unhealthy habits that anyone serious about their health should consider when looking to lose (and keep off!) unwanted weight.

  1. Smoking – among other even more dangerous issues smoking gives the body, smokers often experience weight gain. This unhealthy habit should be broke ASAP for your overall health.
  2. Alcohol – While many studies have shown the benefits of a little red wine, and some find that certain liquors can aid in decongestion during an illness, the sugar in alcohol, and other aspects of it as well, can cause unwanted weight gain. Alcohol in excess can be very damaging to the liver and kidneys. If you take your health seriously, cut back on the drinks!
  3. Soda- Speaking of sugary drinks, it’s no secret that soda is absolutely loaded with sugar! If you’re really wanting to lose weight, I would really suggest cutting soda from your diet altogether. It certainly has no health benefits of any kind! Those of you who think you’re doing yourself a huge favor consuming diet soda instead, think again. Diet soda is still loaded with artificial ingredients, and the sugar substitutes, aspartame, has been shown to be of great concern. If you regularly drink diet soda, and often experience headaches, aspartame is probably the culprit. Don’t dupe yourself into thinking any soda is good for your health. If you simply must have it, enjoy it as a rare treat.
  4. Snacking – If you’re anything like me, you must snack a little between meals to avoid headaches, nausea, dizziness, shakiness, etc. Many diet books tell you not to snack at all, but let’s face it – for most of us, that’s unrealistic, and could even be hazardous if our blood sugar drops too low. I suggest you find healthy snacks – particularly fresh fruits and vegetables that you can enjoy at home or on the go, between meals. Avoid sugary snacks such as ice cream, candy bars, etc. – especially right before bed. Perhaps some grapes, apples, bananas, peaches, etc. would provide a nice alternative for those with a sweet tooth.
  5. Sitting – Studies have shown that sitting for hours and hours a day is incredibly taxing on the human body, and it’s definitely not burning any fat either! Just sitting around using technology, studying, etc. on a regular basis actually takes a huge toll on your body and doesn’t help at all with shedding those pounds! Even a 15 or 30 minutes walk each day (or for the very sedentary person, start walking twice or more each week to get started), can prove beneficial. You may find you’re in better spirits too, since fresh air is also excellent for mental health.

If you begin saying not to these five unhealthy habits, you’ll be starting yourself on a more beneficial path to wellness than a one-time fad diet! Soon, we’ll talk more about food here, but this is a great way to get started.



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