Blog Milestone.

Since I began this particular blog (a much more professional one than previous short-lived ones I created way back in high school!), I have tried to write thoughts on various topics faithfully. While I don’t always write every single day, I have at least posted each week. I’m now on month 7 of consistent blogging, and am thrilled to see what I have accomplished during that time.
I am so thankful to you, dear readers, for being a part of my journey. I hope you continue to somehow benefit from my thoughts and research on various topics. If you’re a fellow blogger and are having trouble getting posts out, just remember to at least say something every month, every week, etc. depending on your schedule. Consistency really helps get you into the routine.


I’m so proud of myself, as I change into a person with more confidence who is actually starting to believe that a few people might actually want to know what I think about things or might actually benefit from something I have researched. It’s still a learning and growing process for me, but I love my little blog. 🙂




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