Designed to Design

As you know, this is my personal blog and as such the thoughts written here come from my perspective on life. As a Christian, I’m not ashamed to say that my beliefs are based largely upon my faith as well as logic and reasoning. That being said, I respect other views on life and ask that you grant me the same respect. I understand you may not share the same worldview, but please keep your comments polite, and if you’re don’t like my blog or my opinions, you don’t have to keep reading. That being said, I do love it when I receive comments that relate to my posts.

Man has, throughout history, come a long way in working with both his hands and his mind (and here, of course, I use the terms “man” “his,” etc. loosely to refer to all of mankind). We were created to be creative beings. We are constantly inventing new machines, making music or art, etc. It is truly beautiful to enjoy all the very different things that have been made by creative individuals. I love sharing my talents and seeing you share your talents.



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