Embarking on a new watercolor project…

I’m really getting into my newfound pastime of watercolors! It’s both challenging (coming up with what to sketch and paint and exploring a medium I’m not very familiar with yet) and relaxing (it gets the creative part of my mind engaged, while allowing me to destress and sit down for a few minutes to do something that’s not graded or judged or commissioned, but is just for fun (so far, anyways! if you ever want to purchase one of my pieces that hasn’t been given to family or friends, you’re of course welcome to do so).

I began a new watercolor series today, where I’m painting my own rendition of book covers of books I have studied and enjoyed. For right now, I’m limiting myself to classics, most of which were required reading in my high school or university literature classes. I have finished one for The Great Gatsby so far, and have tentative plans to work on To Kill A Mockingbird, Huckleberry Finn, and The Glass Menagerie, to name just a few. I’m pondering how I will put the individual pieces together (each of which are painted on 4×6 inch watercolor paper) in order to make something for our little library area in our apartment.

With this project, I wanted to combine several of my passions, while stretching my drawing and painting abilities and also making each piece my own in some little way. In other words, none of these are meant to be exact replicas of the book covers. I’m very excited about this!

If you can think of some other frequently studied titles I may have missed, please leave a comment below. Thanks so much!



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