Jesus Is Our Hope.

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope.” – Romans 15:13

Jesus is sometimes called “the Hope of nations.” When we look around our sinful world, it’s not hard to see that there is nothing redeeming apart from Christ. Mankind, when left to our own devices, is selfish and arrogant. We steal possessions we wish were ours; we start wards over land, natural resources, and what we view to be a superior ideology. If it weren’t for the Hope of Jesus Christ, we would be both physically and eternally doomed to perish (Romans 3:10-12). No one is righteous apart from Christ (Psalm 14:2-3, Ecclesiastes 7:20).

Without a saving knowledge in the Hope of the world, no one can be sure of their eternal state. In fact, without Jesus Christ, no one is good enough to enter the presence of God, even if they are what we generally consider to be a “good” person, humanly speaking. As a human being, it is impossible to follow all of God’s laws to the “T” without accepting the sacrifice of our perfect redeemer, Jesus Christ. Without Him, the world as we know it is hopeless indeed, but with Him, we have all the Hope we could ever need.



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