An American Visits Canada, Pt 3

St. Andrews

On our way to Prince Edward Island, we stopped at an Information Centre, where it was highly suggested that we make a brief lunch stop in St. Andrews. Now that we had passed through the border and weren’t on a particular time crunch, we welcomed the break from driving (and sitting – that stuff gets exhausting!). This quaint, nautical town is one that I would definitely suggest you add to your list of places to visit in Canada. The neatly laid out streets offered a welcoming, hometown feel.


We wanted a nice lunch for our first meal in Canada, yet didn’t want to break the bank either! With many more meals to eat and souvenirs to be bought, we wanted to be sparing in our use of money, yet we didn’t want to settle for the nearest McDonald’s just yet. We parked curbside (free parking on the main street!) and walked down the sidewalk a bit to look at the various restaurant options.


With our stomachs complaining a bit after the long drive, we quickly made our decision and walked up to The Kennedy Inn to see what they had to offer on their lunch menu. We were immediately met by our friendly host, Moe (if you haven’t yet read my blog post about our delicious poutine lunch there, please head over to the next post down – An American Visits Canada, Pt 2). We thoroughly enjoyed our meal and the quiet, vintage home atmosphere of the dining room. One of the first things we noticed was the absolutely beautiful vintage painting of Queen Elizabeth II over the mantlepiece. We were now in the Queen’s domain for sure!


While we realized it would be another several hours of driving before our arrival on Prince Edward Island, we did explore around St. Andrews a bit. While that day was a bit overcast with minor misting rain off and on, the beauty of the town made the cold afternoon seem cheery! Near the wharf, there was a very well-crafted, solemn memorial to Canadian troops who had passed in several of the most recent, famous conflicts (WWI, WWII, Korea, etc.). It was a somber place to pause for reflection and to remember the part that Canadian soldiers played as our allies in several important worldwide conflicts.







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