An American Visits Canada, Pt 2


When we entered Canada, we still had a good bit of driving to do before we reached our hotel on Prince Edward Island! We dropped into an information center in New Brunswick, and were given the suggestion to head into St. Andrews for our lunch stop.

Having a little time to kill now that we were actually into Canada, we ended up deciding on The Kennedy Inn in St. Andrews as our lunch stop of choice. Our server, Moe (who doubles as innkeeper and actually lives in an apartment in part of the building), was very friendly and readily answered any of our questions about the area, the inn, the menu, etc. My husband decided to try the infamous Canadian dish poutine, and since our server told us that is was a rather large serving, I ordered a salad for my main course and sampled some of the poutine from my husband’s plate.

What is poutine? Well, I am actually shocked that this dish hasn’t made it to the USA yet (especially in the southern states!) since it is so incredibly fattening! It’s comprised of fries smothered in brown gravy and melted cheese (or cheese curds). Some varieties may also include the option to add bacon, and poutine is served in both fine dining restaurants and fast food restaurants, usually as a main dish. The server joked that he was looking for tongue marks on the bottom of the bowl, since my husband so quickly ate this amazing Canadian staple!

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