According to Mirriam Webster, confidence is defined as “a feeling or belief that you can do something well or succeed.” I was a bit surprised to find that this was the closest definition to the word as I understood it. You see, the word confidence we most often hear in society today is actually short for the phrase “self-confidence.” Yes, of course we should strive to be humble and not walk around “putting on airs,” as our grandparents would call it, but there is definitely a need for a person to have a healthy dose of self-confidence in order to succeed in their work and in order to be a healthy, well-rounded individual. 

Personally, I am a Christian, and as such I know that I have freedom through Jesus Christ, not to live with my own pleasure as a priority, but to live in a way that honors God. Bear with me – I am in no way some crazy Bible-thumping, falsely pious, goody-two-shoes judgmental religious person like you might see picketing on TV. I am just a young woman who loves my Savior who rescued me from eternal torment for my sins by taking my sins upon Himself that I might experience eternal life one day in peace. I want to honor God with my attitudes and actions. If God loved me so much that He saved my soul, how can I not walk in freedom and confidence, as I continue to strive to grow in maturity and to be a person after His own heart? 

Confidence has been a very big struggle for me throughtout my entire life, and as someone who is just beginning to feel the freedom in Christ to be confident, I want to share bits and pieces of my journey of discovery with you. I am being unusually open here because I feel it is important that I share with others who may also be struggling with this in their lives.


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