I actually began this blog in order to have an outlet to post my lengthier thoughts that don’t easily fit into a Facebook status. I also thought that maybe more than just my friends could perhaps want to read a few of my thoughts.

Now that I have been an adult for several years now and am fast approaching yet another birthday (they do tend to happen every year, you know!), I want to use a bit of my writing skills for more than just work. I want to begin to share my story. I want to tell someone just a few of my innermost thoughts, my struggles, and how I am coping with this little journey we like to call LIFE. You, dear reader, will find that I have a bit of an old-fashioned and eccentric style, despite being in my 20s currently. I am also pretty well-versed in current media and style trends as well, so I consider myself pretty well-balanced so far as culture goes, but leaning more towards old-fashioned respect and values while enjoying new technology.

I hope you will enjoy these pieces of my journey I am offering to share with you. Polite and encouraging comments are welcome; rudeness, foul language, and being contentious are not. This is not a debate forum. This is just my little personal blog where I am choosing to open up my delicate heart that has been hurt many times by unkind words already, so please keep your negativity elsewhere. I trust you will do that, dear reader, because you have already chosen to be a part of my life journey here and that shows a desire for empathy.


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